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  • SBLC (Standby Letter of Credit) OR BG (Bank Guarantee) by SWIFT MT760 + T/T (Tele Transfer) by SWIFT MT103
  • OR Non-Transferable RDLC (Revolving Documentary Letter of Credit at Sight) by SWIFT MT700/MT701 or MT710/MT711 (third party banks)
SBLC/BG/DLC must always be issued or confirmed by top 50 bank of the world. See a list of bank ratings here .

CIF ASWP - Cost, Insurance and Freight Prepaid to Any Safe World Port

White Refined (IC45)

Polarization 99.8 % Min.
Ash Content 0.04 % Max.
Moisture 0.04 % Max.
Solubility 100 % Dry & Free Flowing
Granulation Fine
Color Sparkling White
Radiation Normal - Certified
Crop Current
Commodity shall be free from mold, unnatural odors, chemicals, and insects.

SPOT (November 2019)
12,500 390 410
25,000 360 380
50,000 350 370
100,000 340 360
150,000 330 350
200,000 320 340
300,000 310 330
Prices in USD using SBLC/BG as guarantee and TT (MT103) for payment OR DLC.

Contract (November 2019)
12 x 12,500 360 380
12 x 25,000 320 340
12 x 50,000 310 330
12 x 75,000 300 320
12 x 100,000 290 310
12 x150,000 280 300
12 x 200,000 270 290
12 x 300,000 260 280
Prices in USD using SBLC/BG as guarantee and TT (MT103) for payment OR Revolving DLC.

  • Discount available for SBLC/BG for more than one month value.
  • Add 20 USD/MT for unsafe port.
  • Add 30 USD/MT for payment at Port of Discharge.
  • Shipping to countries under sanctions from the UN is not possible neither the Port of Discharge nor the Buyer.

Why is DLC more expensive?
Using Documentary Letter of Credit is more expensive than using SBLC or BG. These are major reasons:
  • The administrative work in drafting a DLC verbiage is much more extensive than drafting the verbiage for SBLC/BG.
  • The risk of not getting the payment or getting delayed payment is higher as small and uncritical discrepancies in the documentation presented by the seller to the bank may block the payment.
  • Execution of the actual payment takes longer time, which may interfere with preparation of the next shipment.

The Sellers

Sugar Cane Pro is careful selecting the sellers we choose to work with. ONLY sellers with proven past performance are presented to buyers:

The Indian Allocation holder of Brazilian cane sugar
  • Joint Venture of experienced sugar traders and financial strong companies in India.
  • Non-transferable SBLC one month value or Non-transferable DLC revolving or month by month at competitive rates.
  • Allocation holder of Brazilian Cane Sugar.
  • Professional and flexible seller.
  • ICICI Bank India
  • The DLC prices listed are from the Indian seller.

The Australian Wholesaler
  • Administrative Office in Australia and registered in Hong Kong as gateway to China and the rest of the world.
  • Proven supplier of more than 250,000 MT per month
  • Allocation holder of Brazilian Sugar Cane.
  • Confirmed by HSBC Hong Kong for the ability to supply up to 2 M MT per month.
  • HSBC Bank Hong Kong, Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong.

The "Crazy" Russian
  • Proven supplier of more than 250,000 MT per month with more than 30 years of experience in the cane sugar business in Brazil.
  • Mill owner and allocation holder in Brazil.
  • Well known in the business for his "crazy" prices.
  • Don't try negotiate on procedure.
  • SBLC+TT or Cash Deposit before loading.
  • This is the perfect seller for the buyer who knows how to do due diligence bank2bank and prioritizes price over procedure. If not, then please don't even ask to go with him.
  • Wells Fargo Bank, Los Angeles.
  • Ask for prices and procedure on SBLC+TT (recommended for all buyers) or Cash Deposit (recommended for existing buyers only).